Welcome to the International Material Science WikiEdit

Interested in Materials Science and Engineering? You want to travel the world, experience new cultures, learn new languages, make new friends?

Then get going and learn all about the different Programms in Materials Science that can lead you to an amazing adventure and will open your eyes for new ways of thinking and alternative approaches, all the while deepening your scientific foundations.

Oh, and one last thing, this is in no way a perfectly accademic Wiki, it's from students for students, so expect to not only find regulations about enrollment procedures and whatnot, but also the best party places, where to find cheap good food and other more entertaining advices that make the student-life just what it should be:

The Best Time of Your Life!

And of course if you discover an awesome new place in one of the mentionned cities, share the fun, complete the Wiki, so that future generations can enjoy it too.

--- So long, Thomas ATLANTIS '14, AMASE '16 ---

Why MatSci, why accademic programms?Edit

Materials are everywhere. Any industry sector relies on them and the demand is never ending.

And just as the topic of Materials and the research centered on them are various and diverse, the sientific community is just as widespread. The best way to communicate is to understand each others background and what better way to get to know this background, than experiencing it yourself.

This Wiki will show you what different approaches you can take, if you want to have an abroad experience in the sector of Materials Science and Engineering that will personally, intelectually and culturally raise your understanding to a completely new level.

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